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Drew Kinback's Journal

5th June, 2003. 8:00 pm. Rut Dates

It has been determined that the rut starts November 16-21st depending on the weather and lighting conditions give or take. Bucks will be going nuts during this time and it will most likely be the easiest time to take one. Hunting in Albermale County starts the 18th, two days into the rut. Problably the perfect time.

Did a little scouting again today and saw a doe. She was nearly 10 feet away from me before she lept across the field. I found the creek the deer have been using to blind their movements. It leads off to the road. Trees and bushes provide perfect cover. Straight up the creek into the woods is the place I found a bunch of deer beds. This area I will be concentrating on this season.

Got a nice pair of binoculars for cheap today. Will take these out in the field with me also. Sort of I see them before they see me kind of thing. This dog is learning new tricks.

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4th June, 2003. 6:23 pm. Feeding the Fever Before the Season

Haven't written in this thing in awhile but the whitetail hunting season has been over for awhile so why the need? However, there is always this season to tend to and the hunter in me begins to grow and ache for that time where I can go out in the wee hours of the morning to hunt that big buck.

The seasons starts this year on November 18th with November 23rd and November 30th being the two days of the season where you can take either buck or a doe. I am preparing as we speak even though the start date is months away. I have purchased a real nice buck knife and a great pair of camo pants. I am working on getting my scope sighted in.

I have also been scouting the mountain and have seen deer nearly everytime I go up. Today was no different for I must of seen at least 10 deer and all in with a nice walking distance of the farm. I saw one wild turkey as well.

I also found that since last season, the place I took Briar (my first buck) has become a haven for deer. I see bed areas all over the place and this spot will definfintely be seeing me again this season.

It is looking good for the hunt this year.

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25th December, 2002. 10:19 pm. December 18th Buck

I got my first buck on December 18, 2002 in Charlottesville, Virginia. I was hunting late afternoon on Gay Mountain. The property is about 65 acres and it is owned by Jake Thackston who runs Fat Cat Farm.

I was camped out on a fallen tree on a ridge overlooking a field that has been a hot bed of deer activity. Piles of dung, deer bedding, tracks, and trails where abundent. The field has a creek that runs along side it which is surrounded by pine trees. The creek and treeline run all the way to the road and locals say that deer use that path to make it to the road and beyond at night. I set up shop on a fallen tree that was slightly covered by brush around 4pm.

Around 4:50pm light was fading and I had not seen much activity. Lots of squirrel and birds in the area making the usual amount of forest noise. The weather was very cold, little to no wind, I thought I might have a good chance at having some deer activity without being detected. Suddenly I heard some disturbance of leaves as if a large animal was running through them. Up above the ridge I saw a deer running between the trees but then once again disappear on the other side of the ridge and that was that for awhile.

At about 5pm there was basically very little light. But the deer that I had seen before appeared again over the ridge, closer, but still out of my range. It moved to the side of me and disappeared from sight. About 5:10pm the deer was still not in sight and light was gone. I was about to get up to leave when behind me I heard a snap. I slowly turned my head and 15 yards away was a two-point buck. It slowly worked it's way among the trees picking at the ground. It was completely unaware of my presence. It must of thought hunting pressure was over. I turned my body at a very awkward angle and aimed my Marlin 30-30 Rifle w/ Scope. I lined the buck up with a tree and when his sweet spot was exposed I took a shot.

The blast caused the deer to jump and then it ran down the ridge and out of site. My heart was racing! I had no idea if I had hit it or not. It was too dark to see blood and after looking around myself and then coming back with two others even later that night, I could not find any evidence of a hit.

At 10am the next day I returned to the scene and searched for a sign. I found a puddle of blood in a leaf. So I did hit it! I went down off the ridge to search and went off to the left a little farther than I did the night before. I found the deer in a briar patch only feet from the scene of our initial search the night before.

I had made the shot in the deer's armpit and the bullet exited the front of the chest. It had sustained a broken leg running and fell into the briar patch that also doubled as a deer bed. It was the worst briar patch you could imagine which lead me to name the buck "Briar."

I harvest the deer, it's two-point antlers, and the meat. It was thrilling to get my first buck. It might of been small and not that old but to me, it is the Great Stag.

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25th December, 2002. 3:38 pm. Welcome To My Hunting Journal

Welcome friends, family, and people who hit the random button to my hunting journal! I am a new, young, hunter who hunts whitetail deer in the great state of Virginia. I am using this journal to record anything I have to share on deer hunting. From personal stories, pictures, ideas, to websites I love on the hobby. This is my first writing in this journal so it is boring but I thought I would put something in here. I got my first buck on the 18th of the December and I will write the detailed story of that a little later.

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